What you need to understand before dating Muslim Women

Published On January 5, 2017 | By Bukacek Cranley | Online dating

Religion has an effect on how women respond to advances made by men in seeking relationships. Many men have had mixed feelings whenever they desire to start a relationship with a Muslim woman. Understanding them and their character will shed light in your attempt to courting them. The tips listed below will enable you to understand the Muslim women while dating.

Show of interests

If you are used to dating women with the western culture, there is a higher probability that you will never know if a Muslim Woman is interested in you. Western women will always flirt and show you certain signs that will cause you to know they are interested. The Muslim females will reveal their hands and their faces when you are in a room alone. More signs will follow if she is certain about her feelings.

Understand their roles

The Muslim ladies always know that their importance is in the roles, which their culture expects them to fulfill.  Hence, there are certain things that you should never expect a Muslim woman to allow you to do. For instance, sometimes it is sexy in the western culture for a man to cook for a woman. This never applies to a Muslim woman because cooking is her role.


Both the men and the women of the Muslim religion undergo circumcision. Genital mutilation is a practice that has been in the Muslim religion for a longer time. However, the way the women are circumcised is based on the culture of their family background. Female genital mutilation may have an effect on their sexual lives and cause complications when they give birth.

Very beautiful

Most of the times you will find Muslim females are covered with long dresses. Some cover their faces and hair and only leave a small space for their eyes. The reason for dressing like this is their traditions and culture imposed on them by their religion. However, behind those clothing, you will discover those women are extremely beautiful with very long and dark hair.

Respectful and submissive

The Muslim women are highly respectful and submissive. This is virtue is enforced on them by their traditions and cultures. The woman is expected to acknowledge the man as the head and to follow his commands always. This teaching and training is the reason for their submissiveness. That is why Muslim women make better wives.

Satisfy men sexually

The Muslim females understand that it is their duty to satisfy their husbands sexually. This is a great benefit to any man since it is unbearable for a man to live without sex. Sex dissatisfaction is the main cause why marriages fail to last. This will never be the case with a Muslim partner. She will ensure you are satisfied any time.

Never use contraceptives

The main reason for involving their self into a relationship is for the long term. One of the key objectives of long-term relationships is to have children. Thus, the Muslim ladies never use contraceptives. This is because they will never be interested in aborting the pregnancy. In fact, this is counted as a blessing.

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