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Published On January 27, 2017 | By Bukacek Cranley | Online dating

Meeting new partners isn’t so complicated anymore as we have more choices when it comes to dating. We can go out to public places like bars or we can decide to do our research at home by using online dating sites. It is great that we can use those different methods, as not everyone wants to spend their nights in clubs surrounded by people with loud music blasting in the background. But just like going out to meet new faces, using the internet also has its number of scammers and people who are up to no good. You just need to know about the signs to avoid.

Too many dating sites

So to get started, you need to know what is going on out there. There are so many dating sites that it is easy to get confused. If you don’t want to get scammed then you need to know what all those sites are all about, otherwise you’re likely to pick the wrong one. So the best way not to get lost in that jungle of sites is to figure out what sort of dating activity you’re looking for. If you want love then try to use a popular dating site, but if you’re only interested in sex then you can look around adult dating sites like where adults just meet to have a good time. So the first advice is this: get familiar with the online dating landscape and read about which sites you should or shouldn’t use; there are enough testimonies out there so just read through them all.

Dating money scams

There aren’t actually that many different types of dating scams. The main one we often see is people asking for money so that they can transport themselves to meet up with us. There are actually a lot of examples of this happening. Basically those scammers will look for a victim who appears lonely and desperate and they will use that to try to obtain money from them. The first time they get the money they will probably say that they couldn’t make it because of a family emergency (or any other dramatic event). This will often prompt the victim to offer more money to help solving the issue; and the cycle goes on until people realise they have been conned.

Dating cam scams

The other sort of scam we have seen rising over the years is the skype / video chat scam. Some lady will want to have fun with you in front of the webcam and they will get you to get your clothes of and start enjoying yourself. Before you even know it, you receive a message or email from someone saying that unless you pay a ransom, they will publish that video of you online for all your friends and family to see. A tough pill to swallow, especially when people are already married or engaged.

Avoiding those scams

Dating is an emotional process, whether we do it for love or for sex. It is easy to get carried away in our feelings and not see what is straight in front of us. The truth is that is we take a step back and take all the time we need, then most of these scammers can be spotted miles ahead. So don’t just fall for the first person who gets in touch with you, instead reach out to multiple people so you get to practice talking online. Get used to how it all works and get comfortable with it, you’re way likelier to see scams coming. The other thing is don’t hesitate to talk about your dating activities to your friends and family. We know it’s a private issue but having another pair of eyes double-checking things for you is always a good idea; who knows you might have missed out on something that others find easier to see. The bottom line is don’t rush, get familiar with your surroundings and don’t let your emotions dictate your actions. Do all that and scammers will stay out of your way; you can then start dating and make the most of all those dating sites!

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