Hook Ups and Casual Sex via Dating Apps

Published On February 2, 2017 | By Bukacek Cranley | Online dating

Do you Grindr or Tinder? What about Happn or Bumble? Mobile phones and dating apps have taken casual sex from taboo to a slight shrug of the shoulder. Swipe right or tap an ass on an app and you could be in the throes of some sexual goodness within seconds. Even if you never considered an escort, that sexy ass buxom blonde you are chatting with on your favourite dating app has you thinking otherwise.

Dating apps lay it all out there when it comes to sex. Most profiles simply state: casual hook-ups only or nothing serious. Some are bold and say they’re looking for a sugar mama or sugar daddy. Others are looking for a sugar baby to spoil and some are just looking to expand their escorting clientale.

Hooking up with no-strings-attached fun has definitely been happening long before dating apps but no one openly talked about it until recently. If you did, you were branded a slut or a manwhore. With the fancy shmancy apps you just don’t have to visit endless dark and loud music filled clubs to make it happen. There’s an endless opportunity and unlike visiting a brothel or hiring an escort, it’s a bit of a lucky dip in terms of looks and personality.

The modern hookup culture has made a lot of people more relaxed about having casual sex and more open-minded about relationships and monogamy. As a result, more people are trying open relationships, swinging and having polyamorous relationships as they’re increasingly more popular; opening up paths to experimentation. The relaxed culture of dating apps have also opened doors for people looking for relationships where their love would be taboo or even punishable by death. In India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, people looking for same-sex relationships have hidden in covert groups that used public restrooms, bathhouses and parks as their secret pick-up locations. Without having the freedom of LGBT-friendly governments and societies and without gay-friendly bars and clubs, dating apps have opened up these opportunities and brought attention to the struggle for equality.

Having your bedroom door be a revolving door does increase your risks and we’re not talking just about sexually transmitted diseases. Connecting with strangers on an app you just met ten minutes ago can possibly introduce you to a whole cast of shady characters. Could you imagine if Ted Bundy had a hold of a dating app back in his day? Being open about sex can also lower our guards in what we consider safe. How many are at fault at just showing up at the hook up’s place without even considering, what if they’re a serial killer? In the UK, Tinder and Grindr related crimes increased to unsettling figures since 2013. In the years after that, more than 400 offences have been linked to dating apps. Sadly, no one’s sure if users suspected any red flags in their communications. If your gut says run while looking at a profile or messaging someone, we say listen. Run. While we’re all thinking with our bits and bobs, instant gratification leads to swiping right with a degree of tunnel vision.

If you’re living and thriving in the hook up culture, practising safe sex with strangers is the only way to go unless you have a copy of the latest health history or how many people they’ve had unprotected sex with. Don’t expose yourself to more than a nice person who’s down for going down.

These dating apps are evolving to connect more specific groups of people, including escorts with their recurring and new clients. The sexual landscape is changing with the technological advances each day. Or perhaps we’re creating technology to better express ourselves sexually.

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