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Published On July 16, 2017 | By Bukacek Cranley | Online dating

With too many youngsters getting online and using technology like the back of their hand, the number of dating and free chat applications has only multiplied in the recent years. If you do a little research, you will notice there are an umpteen number that range from ones that are merely a dating site to the ones where you can actually match your interests and make good friends for life. The Free dating app and flirt chat has been the talk of the town for its several advantages and ease of use to its customers. One of the prime feature of the application is that it is absolutely free to use and very easy to register, so convenient that it does not even require an email id to start with the application.

More about the dating application

The application requires android 4.0 and above and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store conveniently. As we mentioned, this dating application is not just easy to use but also absolutely free to use. Apart from this, the application also does not have any complaints of having secretive in-app purchases or credits. Once you register the application, you can almost immediately start using all its features to the optimum level, including texting the people who are near you and suitable for you.

The user can have quick profile information, and can also see easily the people who have visited their profile. This makes it easy to connect with the right kind of people almost instantly. The user can meet the single males or females in their area and also know the distance between them in kilometers. It is also convenient to have an overview of the chat and find the chat history which enables the user of the application to have an account of different chats and also go back to a previous chat friend easily.

The application has already found popularity not only among the youngsters but people of all ages equally since it not just a dating application but one where you can find genuine people to chat as well who might share a lot of common interests. It has seen more than 50, 00,000 downloads already and is still going strong. However, there are a few users who have used and reviewed the application and they believe there are too many advertisements in the application that often becomes annoying.

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