Forget the G-Spot

Published On February 10, 2017 | By Bukacek Cranley | Single Dating

Oh the G-spot! Sought after and rarely found. Or so it is said as you and your partner play between the sheets.

Truth of the matter is that being turned on and getting off isn’t that hard if you know your own self. There are things that turn you on and if you acknowledge it instead of being ashamed of it, then that’s the first step. Maybe you can only orgasm while Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” is being played or maybe the slightest touch of your partner’s lips against your neck sends all the blood straight to your sexy bits and you’re ready for instant orgasm, acknowledge it and use this power.

Because feeling good is mind over matter.

If you’re thinking of your grocery list, it wouldn’t matter if your g-spot was actually your belly button because you’re not even in the moment. You’re on isle five of the grocery store wondering if all natural peanut butter or the high dollar celebrity brand is better.

When you’re with your partner or even if you’re by yourself, you need to be in the moment and enjoying everything that’s happening to you. Recognizing the delicate touch of your partner makes your skin shiver or how the cold leather snap of the whip against your buttocks makes you almost reach orgasm without any penetration. This is about being in the moment.

Maybe you’re a woman who is one hundred percent sure she’s got a g-spot and knows it needs to be engaged but your partner is clueless. Show’em. Grab your favourite sex toy and show them.

If you’re a woman who’s convinced the g-spot is a mystery, then you’re not alone.

The most important thing is that to get off you have to be turned on and there could be a multitude of reasons you’re not hitting that so called imaginary spot. Are you thinking about the to-do list vs where your partner is? If you’re more concerned with outside distractions, it’s time you eliminate them and focus on yourself and your partner.

Forget about the g-spot and focus on the YOU-spot.

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