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Published On February 3, 2017 | By Bukacek Cranley | Single Dating

Like many people around the world, Australia is probably on your bucket list to travel to. Some want to visit iconic Australian landmarks like Uluru (Ayers Rock) or the Sydney Opera House and some just want to come to Australia because of their lenient sex laws.

Australia loves the sex industry as much as it loves the sun. Brothels, strip clubs, escorts, adult boutiques aren’t limited to being only in certain red light districts. Passing by a brothel on a busy street isn’t unheard of in Australia. It could be right next door to a coffee joint visited regularly by soccer moms. For reals.

Adult services in Australia include brothels and all the genres of them like Asian brothels, BDSM brothels, Uni brothels, and so on. Not to be out done though is massage parlours and by massage parlours we are talking about rub n tug or happy ending joints hidden behind the words Asian massage. In Australia, Asian massage parlour can mean a sex massage parlour or an actual traditional Thai massage with no happy ending, just a tiny little Thai woman beating the crap out of you to feel better.

Brothels, check.

Massage parlour, check.

What else you might ask?

Escorts! What we traditionally call prostitute or hookers in here in the US, they all fall under the moniker of escort in Australia. Escorts may work independently, as private escorts, high class escorts, escorts that belong to brothels, escorts that belong to an escort agency, model escorts, International escorts, exotic escorts and other world travelling escorts. Escort services can include Fantasy/Role Play, oral sex, anal sex, Girlfriend Experience, Boyfriend Experience, Porn Star Experience, BDSM, striptease, threesomes, erotic massage, dinner dates and overnight stays. Adult film stars of Australia are even found independently or as part of an agency or a brothel. Seriously, could you imagine if you get to sink your manhood into the likes of Terra Patrick without having to be in front of a camera?

Australia’s strip clubs are what US strip goers can only dream of. It is rare though not unlikely to see an all nude strip club in here, but in AUS it’s par for the course.

Before you go to Australia thinking it’s no holds barred, the sex industry and sex workers do have to follow laws and regulations. That also means you as a patron do too.

Adult services are always available throughout Australia so if you want or need sex, you can get it anytime. All the sex you can have is just a phone call or web click away.

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